Awaken the Power of Unconditional LOVE

Don't wait to create the Life, Relationships and Happiness you DESIRE. Learn how to light up your SOUL SONG and thrive!

During their quest to find answers about the world and the roles they play in it, The Love Coaches, Luis Santiago and Janie Terrazas, discovered how to... 
~~ unlock the power of the mind 
~~ unveil the meaning of unconditional love 
~~ find the path to inner peace, happiness and abundance

Now they are sharing what they learned with those who are ready to TRANSFORM their lives and relationship for the better.

Included is their Illumination Program a STEP-BY-STEP guide for EMPOWERING your MIND, BODY, HEART and SOUL.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to identify and transform your fears, bad habits and limiting beliefs that are hindering you from reaching your full potential in love and life.
  • The latest information in neuroscience giving you a better understanding of how your mind impacts your wellness/vitality and the overall quality of your life. 
  • How to heal your heart so you can lovingly let go of past pain and embrace compassion, forgiveness and acceptance. 
  • How to tap into your inner power and access your authentic self, so you can live a more balanced, joyful, abundant life.  
  • How to create healthy boundaries with others so you can experience honest, more meaningful,  relationships.
  • How to step out of your comfort zone and ignite your courage and confidence. PLUS MUCH MORE!!

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  • "This book is truly amazing! I feel like my soul has been searching for this book to put me, and guide me on my true path to live a peaceful, happy, and more fulfilling life. I've realized things I've been doing to keep negativity in my life that has prevented me from being happy. Not only has it helped me as an individual, but it's also helped me as a wife, mother, and friend. I've learned positive life habits that I know will stick with me forever."

    Andie W.

  • Soul Song, is a life guide book to learn from once, then you read it again and again, to keep up with your life's journey. I like it as a written reminder of what I can be and how I can grow to be the love and joy, that I'm meant to be. I was first sucked in by the scientific data and real life stories of personal growth. It is a book for both the seasoned metaphysical healer or someone just being introduced to the healing powers of love. It brings so much information together in one place. I love the hard core research and the "I really need to add this to my daily life" tips that are spread through the entire book.” 

    Laurie K.

  • "The guidance provided by Luis and Janie has been vital to my emotional growth. Before, I was lost and my life was in complete disarray. I wasn’t making any changes and ultimately I was reliving the same bad relationship over and over again. They have opened my eyes to the light. They taught me how to identify my fears, which was the source of all my problems with intimacy and commitment - and they have taught me how to lead with the heart versus hiding behind it." 

    Jessica A.

  • "Their method honestly makes you look at yourself. It changes your outlook on others, your outlook on life, your outlook on your environment and all of the sudden you become empowered because you feel more in control of your life. You want to take advice from those who are walking the walk…they practice what they preach.” 

    Rebekah S.

  • "I wasn’t living how I needed to be. I was like a zombie focused on money and my relationships suffered because of it. My priorities were all mixed up. No spiritual part of it was there. Now it’s about finding equal balance across the board. I don’t think there is any way for me to express how much Janie and Luis have done for me in my life.” ~Aaron B. 

    Aaron B.

  Janie Terrazas
Luis Santiago

About the Authors

Married couple, Luis Santiago and Janie Terrazas, work together as Relationship & Life Coaches. Their mission is to help expand the hearts, minds and souls of those seeking to experience richer, more meaningful and fulfilling relationships. 

Luis has been studying the dynamics between men and women for 20 years. In 2008, he began coaching professionally. As he personally evolved so did his business. Luis started as a date coach and later expanded into Life & Relationship coaching. 

He was the first Male Relationship Coach to be hired by Three Day Rule, the official matchmaker for And was voted Best of the West Matchmaker on NBC’s reality series, The Match Off.

His wife and business partner Janie, handled the business from behind the scenes until 2011, when they began coaching as a team. She is also a certified Reiki practitioner and spiritual advisor. Her natural intuitive gifts bring a unique healing insight to their coaching practice. 

Together they provide the male and female perspective  

offering their clients a well-rounded, balanced approach to dating and relationship challenges. 

Their coaching methods and communication techniques have helped improve the love lives of men and women across the country.

Their personal growth journey inspired them to create their Illumination Program which is included in their new book, Soul Song: Illuminate Your Mind by Reconnecting to Your Heart.

It’s a love guide for those who are ready to create the life, relationships and happiness they truly desire. They believe it all starts with learning how to love yourself.

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